Who We Serve

Engineers, Scientists and other Data minded Individuals and their families.  


At Turquoise Wealth Management we help individuals and families with full service financial planning and investment management.


In addition to personal investment, retirement, and trust accounts, we can also manage workplace 401(k)/403(b0/457/401(a) accounts for employees of Purdue University, Caterpillar, and many other large employers.


Our minimum household investment size is $1,000,000.   


If you are an accredited investor or over 10 years from retirement and don’t meet the minimum account threshold but are saving heavily and serious about growing your wealth, we may be able to work with you!


At Turquoise Wealth Management, we have over a decade of experience investing for institutions, including Municipalities and Public Funds, as well as other Institutions and Businesses, including Non-Profits.

We advise clients on appropriate Investment Policy and help them create and comply with their own Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
For Statutorily restricted Public Funds, we have expertise in the Fixed-Income space and specifically in how to make the most of statue limited investment options.

For Entity clients, the minimum account size for Fixed Income only is $5,000,000, and accounts with a policy including equities have a minimum of $1,000,000.