About Us

Our Culture

Turquoise Wealth Management was founded to be more responsive to the needs of clients, to create a company culture that reflects our strong Midwestern values, to have the ability to exercise our duties as fiduciaries without restriction by corporate policies, and to have control and knowledge over the business decisions that affect our clients.


We educate and support our clients, welcoming them into our family, and treating them as such. We believe that clients are in better hands when their advisors are supported and valued by the company, and therefore strive to create a collaborative and caring community.


It is our goal to educate and inspire our clients so that they feel sound in their financial decisions. We serve a limited client base so we can deliver high level personal service.


Welcome to the family,


Jessica E. Rebmann, CFP®

Our Service

Turquoise Wealth Management helps you find confidence in your hopes and dreams. We do this through personal fiduciary planning based on deep conversations around what matters most; how you spend your time, energy and resources. When our clients decide to work with us, they know they will be advocated for, educated, and treated like family. We truly deliver a client-centered process, beginning by listening to you and your goals. 

Our Name

The turquoise stone of our namesake symbolizes wealth, wisdom, and happiness. We strive to personify these qualities in your life as we work with you to make wise investments and strategize ways to achieve balance between your finances and goals. By joining our family, you will work with us to develop a purposeful financial plan for your life arranged around your deep values, allowing you to leave a legacy of more than money.